Dear Thea, How did the experience of being in the tank influence your thinking about the nature of being underwater and the realities of remotness?

Dear LED, A list of desired things that came to mind when submerged in the tank that would enhance and enrich this underwater experience/ an underwater concert/ a remote underwater concert:

Personal Floatation Device…Eskies float and are fabulous devices for storing those pre-concert bubbles. However, it did not provide a suitable surface to hoist myself up and out of the water when submersion fatigue sets in. A raft grafted together from inflatables, blow-up bananas, beach balls, to form a floating island.

Military dophins and dolphin sonar transmission…These may be more sophisticated in their ability to lay out cables, wires, hydrophones, and speakers in deeper waters. Also, cetacean sonar and clicking, and bubble rings add complexity to underwater recordings.

Neoprene…Neoprene Hypercolour wetsuits that change colour according to body temperature. The human body has not evolved according to aqueous submerged life, and the bleached white leotard did not provide the body warmth of a wetsuit or a thick layer of seal blubber.

Synchronized swimmers…One feels a sense of isolation when confined to tank – a strange zoo animal to be gawked at.  Repeated actions to keep warm, and also to keep the brain and body stimulated become necessary. Company and friends would have been desired. A troupe of synchronized swimmers in hypercolour neoprene wetsuits for group star formations and other aqua aerobics.

Atelier Edens Ocean Laboratory: Rising Water Levels from Aphids Arts on Vimeo.

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