Making mobility sustainable.

Atelier Edens will design and test systems for sustainably engaging in arts research, production and presentation.

This process will be informed by a collection of existing mobile models, some of which are listed below, that constitute the social and artistic context the project occurs in. These projects vary in their intended outcomes, modes of delivery and concern with environmental sustainability. However, they are all concerned with sustainability in terms of extending the audience for art, finding new ways and means of facilitating this audience engagement with the creation and presentation of projects and developing practices of utilising existing infrastructure and collaborating with arts and non-arts partners who operate locally. All of this contributes to the projects having an expanded base of investment across multiple groups and individuals. It also helps to create frameworks that enable other makers and users to further develop the systems for future projects.


Craig Walsh’s Digital Odyssey - Regional Australia

Craig Walsh: Digital Odyssey is a Museum of Contemporary Art touring project – a two-year, Australia-wide tour and residency where Craig Walsh and Hiromi Tango (partner and collaborting artist) along with their daughter, are traveling in an Aquarius Motorhome to regional and remote locations presenting public programs and creating large-scale public projection.


The Mobile Arts Platform (MAP) - San Francisco


MAP is comprised of two large-scale, interactive sculptures that are activated by a mobile exhibitions program. MAP brings together Peter Foucault’s Fal-Core Van – a retrofitted 1963 Ford Falcon – and Chris Treggiari’s Mobile Art Trailer in locations throughout the Bay Area. MAP creates an autonomous exhibition space, an artistic research lab where a cross pollination of mediums and genres can occur, be accessible to the public, and create strong bonds with partner communities. MAP events include video screenings, visual art, performance art, live music, interactive artworks, and culinary art. In essence, we build a temporary, creative microcosm where community and creativity can intersect and flourish. In a world where we are becoming more insular with advanced technologies our events hope to bring residents together through positive interactions with neighbors and their neighborhood.


THE KNOT - Berlin, Warsaw, Bucharest

The Knot is a mobile platform for artistic presentation and production, traveling to Berlin, Warsaw and Bucharest in 2010. In each of the three cities, it stops for a few weeks, inhabiting different areas of public space, and offering itself as an open space of encounter, exchange and experimentation.

The physical core of the project consists in a specially designed structure, adaptable to different urban situations, easily expandable and transportable. Conceived by architectural office raumlabor Berlin, this unit responds to the programmatic needs of the KNOT project, comprising different functions such as: production/manufacture workshop, kitchen, café, laboratory, classroom, stage, dormitory, disco, exhibition space, and archive.


INSURGENCYNEMA: Solar Powered Guerrilla Cinema – Melbourne

The Green Nomadic Energy Co-op is a collective of activists, artists, designers, solar energy technicians, AV engineers, filmmakers, independent journalists, environmentalists, urban explorers and culture jammers that aims to research, build, purchase and educate each other and their communities about renewable energy for creative activism and/or communication. Their current project focuses on sustainably running the Guerrilla Cinema activity, but they are also interested in expanding to other remote power systems for DIY activities.


Netherlands Media Art Institute: mkm – Amsterdam

The MediaArtMobile, or MediaKunstMobiel (MKM) in Dutch, is the Netherlands Media Art Institute’s new mobile space for media art and digital culture. In the next few years the mobile will visit festivals, schools and even care institutions. The aim for MediaArtMobile is to enable presentations at schools, festivals and care institutions all over the Netherlands and beyond, of what media art is and how artists and new technologies mutually influence each other.


Mobicases for Wheeling EU – Europe

The idea behind the Mobicases is to facilitate feedback processes by various audiences, enable new forms of documentation and data visualization and to evaluate group processes from many difference angles. The Mobicases will accompany the Wheeling EU journey in May/June 2011, organized by the European Public Law Organization. The journey will connect public law students from 16 Universities located in cities of the South and South Eastern Europe.




Mobile Studios – Europe (from Public Art Lab, Berlin)
Mobile studios in Belgrade

From April until the end of May 2006, the Mobile Studios traveled as a nomadic multimedia platform from Bratislava, Budapest and Belgrade to Sofia, and temporarily possessed the urban spaces in these cities. The Mobile Studios were an internationally networked pilot project of a mobile, autonomous production laboratory for young artists, musicians, performers and cultural programmers.

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