WILDERNESS LAB: DIARY NOTES – Its heart is a curse to cure

October 18 was Atelier Edens Wilderness Lab Day in the Park for artists Willoh S. Weiland, Thea Baumann, Matt Gingold, Josh Gardiner and Elizabeth Dunn.
This was a first date with the site for some of us. In romantic first-date style some versions of teenage poetic responses flowed forth. Which we love.
Dear Josh,
Did you feel attracted?
Dear LED,
Here are some notes from my diary. I will try for some hexameter verse next time.
Sad, kinda cool and very pretty. 
“We all like to congregate at boundary conditions. 
Where land meets water, 
where earth meets air, 
where body meets mind, 
where space meets time, 
we like to be on one side looking at the other.”
Her slender aspect cuts into the bay with its rocky shards, a promise to invaders imagined and merchants assured.
At its heart is a curse to cure.
But hopes to renew for the new.
A field in a window box. 
Her heaving curves, clefts and ridges scarred by men not long dead, now too dangerous to tread. 
Waves killing themselves on the shore like soldiers in a battle that is beyond the time of men.
Shoes made for walking coz that’s just what they will do!
Some cool and comfortable quintessential geek finery.

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