Josh Gardiner is the Communications Wizard here at the ATELIER EDENS Wilderness Lab at Point Nepean National Park. He’s the go to guy for technical troubleshooting and live broadcasting from the Wilderness Lab residency.

Josh spent the first couple of days building a complex Internet system composed of one industrial modem, 1 Wi-Fi router / switch, two Wi-Fi powered repeaters / bridges, 9dbi omni directional multi-frequency antenna for HSPDA / UTMS / GSM cellular networks – to be exact.
In summary, this is the kind of connection that Government Agencies use!

A series of network compatibility tests were run, the wireless access points were tweaked and the bandwidth was adjusted for reliability. Josh was able to tailor an impressive 20 plus devices such as laptops, iphones, and ipads to access the interwebs.
This has given artists the ability experiment with uploading data and streaming live video content from Point Nepean National Park.
This has been particularly valuable for Geoffrey Lillemon, one half of Champagne Valentine who utilises the net to upload photographs for photogrammetric Cloud data processes. Through taking a series of photographs at 360° around the subject, these can be photo stitched online into three-dimensional model.
Think of the Cloud as a floating brain in Cyberspace that does the graphic geometry for you and ping, a three-dimensional image is sent back to you.

The subject featured is Alison Jones, a descendant of the infamous immigrant ship, The Ticonderoga that arrived at the Quarantine Station in 1852.

See image above.

Artist in residence, Thea Baumann has put the technology to the test by streaming a live virtual tour of the Quarantine Station, straight to the AE blog (see AE LIVE). Thea plans to mount cameras on bikes and broadcast live in an Easy Rider meets BMX Bandits inspired film style.

Be sure to check in on the 17th December at AE Live for action packed community filming day of Sea Scouts riding bikes in formations, the ladies of the Sorrento Croquet Club playing inside the Hospital walls and the Blow Up Cinema which will be run entirely from a generator powered by recycled batteries.

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