Over the past week, the artists have been absorbing, collecting, testing, storyboarding, collaborating and collating a vast array of media to develop an interactive artwork to be viewed through an iPhone app at the Wilderness Lab at Point Nepean National Park in 2012. The creative juices certainly have been flowing and channelled from this landscape enriched with layers of history.  Traces of shellfish can be found on site and are a reminder of the original land owners, the Boonwurrung people who occupied the this area for 40,000 years. Early European settlement and limestone burning was an industry. The site then became a Quarantine station that housed large numbers of sick immigrants and a cemetery for the deceased, to Military defence training with unexploaded bombs and bunkers and currently, a protected national park.

All this information has been gathered in the lead up to the community filming. On the 17th December 2011, the artists all came together to choreograph and art direct a series of film shoots infused with a certain Australian black humour. The footage is just some of the source material that the artists are gathering to translate into the iPhone app that encourages locals to hike to various points to activate and trigger imagery at key scenic points throughout Point Nepean National Park.

James Hullick our resident composer has been going to sites to acquire field recordings that are both beautiful and eerie. Musican and sound artist, Louise Terry of Brite Fight has recorded and sung a serenade at Cheviot Hill, unearthing material that may feed into the soundtrack. Animateur/Dramaturge Willoh S. Weiland gave performance direction to the Sorrento Croquet Club, Sea Cub Scouts and Thespian Society.  Art and scenographic design was given by Thea Baumann and Anita Fontaine (Champagne Valentine), channeling the ghostly history of the site in the make-up and styling of the croquet zombies, ghoulish bike boys, and pox ridden feverish thespians. Media artists, Champagne Valentine have also been generating imagery with their enchanted perspective on the landscape through their camera work and post-production after affects. Josh Gardiner managed to stream live video updates by our roving reporter, Rachel Feery which fed to the AE LIVE section of the blog. Technoturge, Matthew Gingold has been attaching the GO PRO to cameras to the cubs to literally capture the wheels in motion. Production manager, Bindi Green, clocked up an impressive 20,070 steps on the VicHealth pedometer challenge.

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