ATELIER EDENS is a series of field laboratories conducted over two years sustainably creating cross-artform projects in remote natural environments.

The three laboratories OCEAN (the Great Barrier Reef, Ningaloo Reef, the Southern Ocean); WILDERNESS (Victoria’s National Parks) and SPACE (low orbit) will entail key artists working with science and industry in each location to create artistic responses to the critical issues of landscape, environment and history unique to each place.

Developing cultural content that is in conversation with the most remote, pristine, and culturally invaluable tracts of the natural world.


An underwater concert to encourage coral spawning. A live broadcast from a whale research boat. An interactive locative game in a coastal paradise where participants play mutant rabbits able to exterminate foreign viruses. A concert miles from anywhere in a cave made entirely of speakers. A rocket launch and funeral for the songs we most want to be remembered by. 


ATELIER EDENS is a practice-based analysis and response to the challenges faced by Australian artists in creating work that responds to a changing environment, geographical spread, and a constantly evolving networked culture.

Atelier Edens aims to place audiences within remote places in ways that are IMMEDIATE, LIVE and INTERACTIVE by looking to integrate communication and networked modalities such as GPS, telepresence, mobile phone app development, augmented reality, locative gaming, projection mapping and localised radio and network broadcasts.



. Investigate, test, explore, and extend the parameters of presenting cross-arts practice within site specific, and remote contexts.

. Develop cross-artform models and interactive experiences that are pioneering in their capacity to transcend virtual, actual, and physical frontiers, and are inherently created and built to be broadcast to audiences located across multiple sites, localities and contexts.

. Instigate and develop mobile modes of operating, and integrate sustainable and nomadic methods for cross-artform artists to develop work and cultural content that is placed in conversation with the most remote, pristine, and culturally invaluable tracts of the natural world.

. Develop new distribution, broadcasting, and transmission platforms, and interactive experiences that integrate the highest application of networked and digital technologies for audiences to engage with interactive experiences ‘in the wild’.

. Implement distribution channels for participants unable to readily access these environments and interactive experiences.

. Create and develop new capacity-building models for cross-artform artists to work responsively to contemporary challenges of working and initiating collaborations ‘across borders’ in regional, remote, national, and international contexts.

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