WILDERNESS LAB: GETTING PHYSICAL – Observing and Learning Motion and Mobility

LET’S GET PHYSICAL – OBSERVING AND LEARNING THE ART OF MOTION AND MOBILITY FROM GREY NOMADS, BIKE BOYS, AND JAPANESE TOURISTS How do¬† differing community groups engage and explore Point Nepean National Park ? And how can the creation of an app engage and connect divergent inter-generational and multi-cultural community groups in a mixed reality [...]


Making mobility sustainable. Atelier Edens will design and test systems for sustainably engaging in arts research, production and presentation. This process will be informed by a collection of existing mobile models, some of which are listed below, that constitute the social and artistic context the project occurs in. These projects vary in their intended outcomes, [...]


The ATELIER EDENS Wilderness Lab team of collaborating artists will work towards the design and launch in 2012 of a downloadable App for mobile phone, encouraging a visual and sonically luscious experience for Point Nepean’s forested walking trails, military bunkers, and coastlines. This research and creative development follows on from pioneering work by artists Champagne [...]